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British Martini Henry Mark 2 Rifle

This is a nice British military Martini Mark II Rifle that was built by BSA in 1877.  Complete with military sights,ramrod,  bayonet lug, and sling swivels. Caliber is 450-577. This Martini was the work-horse of the British military across the globe from the mid-1870's until around 1890 when the .303 Lee Metford and Enfield rifles came out.  Probably just after it was retired, this particular rifle was completely refurbished at the end of its service life in the year 1890 before being sent off for a few more years of faithful service to the colonies.  Fortunately, it has been well looked after and has not seen much use for the past 116 years and is in quite remarkable condition. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent retaining 90-95% bright original blue since its 1890 rebuild.  Traces of silvered out case colors remain on the lever with bright colors still underneath. The right side of the receiver retains most of its original 1877 manufacture markings..the Crown, Victoria Regina, and the BSA markings look good but the manufacture date and cypher are weak from polishing during the 1890 rebuild.  Otherwise, the rest of the markings are quite good including the numerous small proofs on the left side of the barrel and frame as well as the broad arrow on the large early style cocking indicator.  It also has the "S.X" marking on the top of the breech denoting that this rifle was fitted with the improved strengthened extractor...probably at the time of its rebuild.  There is also another interesting marking on top of the barrel...a small asterik * just forward of the knox form.  This would denote the bore was inspected and light pitting was found at some point.  Well, let me tell you....whoever graded it this way 100+ years ago had better eyes than me because the bore looks about as close to Mint as you'll find.  I've seen antique Winchesters in nearly unfired condition with bores worse than this rifle.  It has a mirror bore with very strong lands and grooves.  The mechanics also feel quite nice as well. The bore grading is probably why this rifle survived in such nice condition as it was more than likely held in reserve away from front-line infantry.  The wood shows its share of typical military storage and handling marks but has never been altered, still has most of its original varnish, and has great cartouches.  The main cartouche to note is the Birmingham roundel that is dated 1890 denoting its rebuild.  The photos don't show it very clearly but both the stock and forend have tiger striping that is a little strong on the left side than the right. No cracks or repairs. 

This is about as nice of an early Martini Henry as we've seen in quite a while!

Item# 0526




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