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18th Century Bronze Signal Cannon

This is a small bronze signal cannon that seems likely to have been used on a ship.   While I'm far from an expert on cannons, its form appears to be mid-18th century.   Measures 7" long with a .40 caliber bore.  No carriage but trunnions are intact.   There is a number "3 2" located on top of the barrel.   Otherwise, no markings but wonderful form....it looks almost as though it belongs to the leg of a table or fine piece of furniture as much as a cannon.   Just look at the breech with its steps and nicely stepped enforcement rings.   Given the style and font of the numerals, this appears to be the product of an English maker.

Overall condition is good with several lifetimes worth of patina over the bronze ranging from a deep olive-brown patina to green oxidation all the way to a deep black.   It's nice to see something this old that hasn't been cleaned.   The metal shows numerous dings and blemishes but is in solid condition.   Would make a great display item, conversation piece on your coffee table or even a paperweight for your desktop.

Item# 1229




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