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Brown Manufacturing "Southerner" Deringer Pistol

This is a nice example of an early single shot cartridge pistol known as the "SOUTHERNER" in caliber .41 Rimfire. Manufactured by Brown M'fg Co. of Newburyport, Mass. from 1869-1873. These were made with both iron and brass frames...this one being the more commonly (70% of production) seen brass variation. Left side of the barrel bears the Brown M'fg Co. name, location, and 1869 patent date. Top of barrel is stamped "SOUTHERNER" (see photos).

These must have been very well-liked as small carry weapons, as most surviving examples we see today often display a great deal of wear and use. This is one of the few times we've found a Southerner with original barrel blue. Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good Plus to Fine with approximately 15-20% original blue peppering the flats of the octagon barrel. Hammer shows faded case colors while the lower barrel pivot screw still retains 95% of its original blue. Brass frame has mellowed to a nice smooth patina. Original rosewood grips are in Fine Condition with nice fit to the frame. Action works perfectly with tight barrel-to-frame lockup including a working ejector. It even has a very respectable bore in Good+ Condition. Very Good screws throughout. Just a nice solid example of the Brown Southerner pistol still showing some original finish.

Item# 1535




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