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Centennial Revolver with original Picture Box from 1876 Exposition

This is an interesting little revolver in .22 Caliber that comes with its original box.  The barrel is marked "Centennial 1876" in commemoration of America's 100th Centennial Anniversary. Two-tone blue and nickel finish with case colored hammer and walnut grips.  Like most cheap pocket revolvers of the era aka (Suicide Specials) that flooded the market during the 1870's and 80's, it only has its nickname stamped on the top.  One could spend years collecting all the different names and types.  What's interesting about this one is they named this revolver for an actual event and a picture box commemorating the Centennial and Philadelphia Expo of 1876.  There is no maker's name to be found although the box with its two tone green label and red sides is similar to another box we had with a Hopkins and Allen revolver.    The original box is in good shape marked "Centennial Revolver" with a fantastic pictured label of the 1876 International Exposition held in Philiadelphia, PA.  The label notes "Philadelphia U.S. America" followed by April 19th - October 19th, 1876.  The bottom of the label notes the illustration is of the "Main Exhibition Building" with top corners marked "1776" on the left and "1876" on the right.  The side label is marked "22 Centennial".  My guess would be that this revolver was sold at the Philadelphia Exposition...which was a massive event with many guns on display from a wide variety of manufacturers.  This included the Model 1876 Winchester rifle which was dubbed the "Centennial Rifle".  Another interesting thought occurred while writing, which was this Exposition was being held when General Custer and much of the 7th US Cavalry were wiped out at Little Bighorn that summer. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good to Fine with 90% original nickel plating on the frame.  The blue on the barrel and cylinder has is very thin and mostly turned to a brown patina.  Hammer shows 60% vivid case colors.  Spur Trigger still shows 50% fading colors.  Walnut Grips are excellent with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Most of the original varnish is intact.  Mechanics are excellent.  Very Good bore.  A nice example of a boxed pocket revolver commemorating the Nation's Centennial.

Item# 0935




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