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Civil War era Percussion Boot Pistol Projects

These are three old circa 1840-1860s percussion single shot boot pistols.  These little pistols were quite popular with soldiers during the Civil War as quite a number of period photos exist with them braced across their owners during the War. They are not in the best of shape...all need work in some form or another.  Two work mechanically, one has a broken mainspring.  Two appear to be Europeanm (one has Belgian Liege proofs), one possibly American.  One is missing its trigger guard.  All need a screw or two either added or replaced.  Two are octagon barrel.  Two appear to be smooth bores...the Belgian one is rifled.  These would make good repair projects and/or placed in a shadow box within a Civil War dislpay. These are sold strictly AS-IS and very cheap!  Please, no exports, no layaways, and no returns.

Item# 1019




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