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Tintype Photograph of CW Soldier armed with Colt or Griswold Revolver

This is an old photograph of a soldier, possibly Confederate Cavalryman posing with an 1851 Navy type revolver.  I will freely admit, that my experience with Civil War images is limited...so please feel to correct me if I'm running astray here.  The image itself is a period tintype copy of the original ambrotype....perhaps made for a family member who wanted to remember their loved one.  Tintypes were not as common as Ambrotypes in the United States until the end of the Civil War.  The case is identical to ones that housed ambrotypes....and its our understanding this was the preferred method for storing early tintypes. 

The image itself is in good condition but a little wavy in places from slight bends in the iron plate.  The soldier's belt buckle is partially visible.  The gun he's brandishing to the photographer has a large, almost exaggerated trigger guard just alike a Confederate Griswold revolver. However, the image just isn't clean enough to see whether the barrel is half/round like the Griswold or octagon like a Colt.  Also, the 4th Model Colt 1851 Navy has a larger trigger guard as well.  After studying this image I'm still torn as to exactly which one.  Perhaps someone with a little more experience from this era will be able to rightfully determine.  Case is in good condition.  A very interesting image.

Item# 0992




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