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Colt Model 1849 Revolver IN FINE+ CONDITION

This is a beautiful little 1849 Pocket Revolver that's been well looked after and stored properly its whole life. Mf'd in 1868. Serial number is in the 305,000 range. Standard production with 4" octagon barrel, .31 caliber, five-shot cylinder, with late-style one lane barrel address (see photos). 100% all matching throughout including wedge and arbor pin. Loading lever is not numbered and CORRECT on ALL late production 1849's.

Condition: NRA Antique Fine+ Condition with 70% original barrel blue. Frame retains 50% original case colors that are still bright in places. 25% case colors on loading lever. 40% dulling case color on hammer. Cylinder scene is 95% with 50% age darkened blue with the balance browned from age. Trigger guards shows 50% original silver plating (impressive for a late production 1849...we've had minty guns with just traces remaining) on the trigger guard with 10% remaining on the straps. The screws are in Excellent condition overall with the majority retaining some to nearly all their original fire blue. Grips are still their original orange-red tone with 98% original varnish...with some light handling marks. Perfect fit . No chips, cracks, or repairs. Mechanics are PERFECT...very nice action with crisp response and perfect timing. VG+ bore is bright and shiny like new but a few scattered light pits here and there from improper cleaning. Still, exceptionally good for a black powder era percussion weapon. All in all, this is a strong example of a late production Colt '49 Pocket.

Item# 8780




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