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Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver

This is a nice little Colt Pocket Model 1849 Percussion Revolver in .31 caliber. Five-shot cylinder with 5" octagonal barrel. This one has a fairly late serial number which is in the 291,000 range which dates it to the early part of 1867. Barrel features the later style one-line New York address. The hammer also has the late style checkering with squared surrounding border. Serial numbers are 100% matching which includes the frame, barrel, trigger guard, backstrap, cylinder, wedge, arbor pin. Being late production, the loading lever is not numbered, which is correct on a Model 1849 of this vintage.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Fine with 60% fade but discernable case colors remaining on the frame and 25% on the hammer. Barrel has 40% original blue. Note the right side of the barrel and loading lever had some light corrosion which has been cleaned up a bit...probably due to poor storage. Cylinder still has all five safety pins which are in fair condition and 75% of its stagecoach robbery scene. Screws are all in serviceable condition with several still showing original fire blue. Brass gripstraps have none of the original silver plating visible except under the grips and internally. While Colts from the 1850's era had silver plated straps that were often of excellent quality, the same models from the late 1860's had very thin plating which quickly wore off. Over the years, we've had Colts from this later era in near MINT condition that had virtually none of the silver left as it was probably just a couple of atoms thick. That said, while it has a good bit of original blue and case colors remaining, it is well within the norm to have little to no silver plating left on late percussion Colts from the 1860's and 1870's. Walnut grips are in Fine++ Condition with 98% original varnish with no chips, cracks, or repairs. I would like to call them Excellent as the percentage of original finish is great but there are a few minor nicks and dings which hold it back from the higher grading. Excellent mechanics. Cylinder indexes and locks properly. Half cock works. Barrel to frame fit is super tight with very little cylinder play. Bore is Very Good+. This is a great pocket percussion Colt that will soon be celebrating its 150th birthday.

Item# 1794




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