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Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver

A nice straight example of an 1850's era Colt Model 1849 Pocket revolver in .31 Caliber.  4" octagonal barrel, 5 shot cylinder, with early small style brass triggerguard, and 2 line New York barrel address.  Serial number is in the 134,000 range with 100% all matching numbers including wedge.  Made in 1857.  These were quite popular with both Union and Confederate soldiers who purchased them privately as personal carry weapons during the Civil War.   

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good with the metal turned mostly to a soft grey patina with traces of original blue on the barrel and slight hints of case colors on the frame and loading lever.  The triggerguard and backstrap have 80% original silver plating with most of the wear confined to around the to the guard around the trigger.  Cylinder retains 90% original scene clearly depicting the stagecoach robbery.  Nice markings throughout including Colt's Patent on left side of frame and barrel address.  Very Good screws throughout.  Barrel to frame lockup is tight with no play or wiggle.  Very Good working action...with hammer still hitting all 4 clicks. Good bore with strong deep rifling that is still fairly bright with some light scattered pits.  Grips are in excellent condition retaining 92% original varnish.  The walnut is still a nice light orangish red color that has not darkened with age.  Perfect wood to metal fit with no chips.  If you look closely in the pic of the left side, you will notice a slight crack at the bottom of the grip. Its more likely an age check or slight opening in the grain as from the bottom, its fairly shallow and doesn't even make it to the strap.  A well above average example of an early Colt Percussion revolver with lots of silver on the straps and wonderful grips.

Item# 0795




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