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Colt 1851 Navy Revolver - NICE 4th Model Mfd in 1863

This is a fantastic Civil War production 4th Model Colt 1851 Navy Revolver.   Manufactured during the mid to latter half of 1863.  Serial number in the 166,000 range with all matching numbers.   Standard .36 caliber w/ 7.5" barrel & New York barrel address.   "COLT'S PATENT" marked on left side of frame along with "36 CAL" on trigger guard.  Most 1851 Navy and 1860 Army revolvers saw hard use during the Civil War.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent.   Frame shows 80% of its original case colors.  Octagon barrel retains 90% bright original blue with a few minor blemishes on the lug around wedge area.   Usually when you find a high-condition percussion Colt, there isn't much good news to report concerning original finish remaining on the cylinder.   Of all the parts on a Colt Percussion Revolver, the cylinder received more wear, movement, corrosion, and stress than all the rest.   That isn't the case here...the cylinder on this '51 has somehow survived with 80-85% of its original blue along with perfect Naval Engagement scene.   Rear of cylinder has five of its six safety pins in VG to Exc Condition.   There is even some original blue remaining along the face of the cylinder and in the cylinder stops.  Loading lever shows close to half of its original case colors which are strongest at the fulcrum and very light along the lever portion.   Hammer...another high wear component still shows 35-40% original case colors.   Majority of the screws have significant portions of their original fire blue remaining...as does the barrel wedge (see photo).  Grips are in Fine+ to Excellent condition w/ 85% original amber-hued turpene varnish.   Nice wood-to-metal fit with only a few minor nicks and blemishes.   No chips, cracks, or repairs.   Excellent Bore with nice mechanics.  This one is so nice, you'd think it was post-war manufacture until you see the serial number and realize it's 1863 production.   A very nice Civil War vintage '51 Navy that is worthy for display in original wooden case.

Item# 1261




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