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Colt 1851 Navy Revolver --Mf'd in 1861 with 100% Matching #'s--

This is a good solid example of an earliy Civil War Production Colt Navy Revolver. Standard 7 1/2" Barrel in .36 caliber with 6 shot cylinder. Serial number is in the 111,000 range which dates its manufacture to mid-1861 just following the outbreak of hostilities. New York Barrel Address. Many of these early War 1851 Navy revolvers ended up in the hands of both Union and Confederate soldiers but regardless of which side they served, there is little doubt that most saw action. This particular gun is no exception...it has seen much use but has survived in respectable shape with the initials of the original owner who carried it still partially visible on the bottomstrap (see photo). Despite the use, the serial numbers are 100% all matching. This includes, the barrel, frame, cylinder, trigger guard, backstrap, loading lever, barrel wedge, arbor pin, and the grips.

Overall Condition Grades to NRA Antique Good+. The metal has turned to a soft medium gray patina with good edges and legible markings. The left side of the frame is clearly stamped "COLT'S PATENT". Nice barrel address. The cylinder scene of the Naval Engagement only shows traces of the waves and ghost-like shadows of the ships that once adorned its surface. Good screws throughout. Grisp are in Good+ to Very Good Condition with tight wood to metal fit. No chips or cracks. The action is in good condition. Barrel fits tightly to the frame with no wobble. Good bore with no rings or bulges. For a revolver that most likely saw 4 years of combat in the Civil War plus 150 years, this is a very respectable Colt Navy!

Item# 1582




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