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Colt 1851 Navy Revolver --NICE--

This is a late 4th Model Colt 1851 Navy Revolver in Very Fine Condition. Serial number is in the 203,000 range which dates its production to 1867. Following the near complete destruction of the Colt factory by a fire in early 1864, production of the 1851 Navy resumed in 1865 but only at a fraction of original capacity. Part of this was certainly due to manufacturing while other factors such as the flood of Civil War weapons onto the market as well as the end of the percussion era were undoubtedly factors that curtailed Colt sales. Whatever the reasons, Colt only produced 4,000 Model 1851 Navy pistols in 1867. This was quite a contrast to just four years prior in 1863 when Colt cranked out 43,000 Navies at the height of the Civil War. This one has 100% all matching numbers which includes, the frame, barrel, cylinder, wedge, arbor pin, trigger guard, backstrap, and grips. Note that I didn't mention the loading lever...this is because Colt ceased to number its levers around the middle of the Civil War. Specs includle standard 7.5" octagon barrel with New York address. six shot cylinder with roll-engraved naval scene. Nice "36 CAL" stamped on the left side of the trigger guard. COLT'S PATENT stamped on left side of frame. Hammer has the late style checkering with a border around it.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine Plus with 75% original blue on the barrel. Frame has 50% light but discernable case colors while the loading lever retains 35% of its colors. The cylinder has turned gray with about 80% cylinder scene with balance obscured by some light scattered pinprick pits. Rear of cylinder has all six safety pins which grade as follows: four worn but Good and two Fair. Screws are mostly Fine with several showing original fire blue. Walnut grips have 30% original varnish with nice fit to the straps and frame. Action is in nice working order. Bore is still fairly bright with very good lands and grooves but exhibits some light to moderate areas of scattered pitting...so will say Good Overall. Nice example of a later production Colt 1851 Navy in well above avg condition.

Item# 1701




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