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Colt 1851 Navy -3rd Model w/ Small Triggerguard-

Just a really nice 3rd Model Colt 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver that's still showing much of its original finish. Standard 7-1/2" octagon barrel in .36 caliber. As you'll note, it has the early style 1850's era small oval triggerguard. Serial number is in the 51,000 range which dates its production to the year 1856. The numbers are 100% matching throughout including wedge and arbor pin. Barrel address reads " -- ADRESS SAML COLT NEW YORK CITY--". The left side of the frame is marked in tiny letters "COLT S PATENT". Cylinder retains 95% strong cylinder scene of the Texas naval engagement with Mexico. The engagement date is located right next to the front lip of the cylinder...and is usually worn away. This one is perfect and clearly marked "ENGAGED 16 MAY 1843". Production for the Model 1851 ran from 1850-1873 with over 215,000 units sold around the world.

Overall condition rates NRA Antique Fine+ with 75% original blue on barrel, 5-10% on cylinder, 20% faded case colors on frame and loading lever, 65% silver plating on triggerguard, 40% on backstrap, and 95% original varnish on grips. Nice mechanics...wedge still mates barrel firmly to the frame with no play or looseness. Strong mechanics with a nearly Excellent bore...super strong lands and grooves that are still bright...just a few light scattered pits which is exceptional for a 150+ year old black powder era percussion revolver. Grips are Excellent overall with nearly all of their attractive orange varnish intact. We've read somewhere that Colt went to great lengths to obtain the finest varnish for his wooden grips...which is essentially an Italian violin-grade varnish that's made from finely ground amber called "Turpene". This is partly why it's not uncommon to see a well-worn mid-19th century era civilian- marketed Colt Percussion revolver whose grips have survived with a significant portion of their original varnish intact. Grips exhibit perfect wood-to-metal fit with no chips, cracks or repairs. Only notable blemishes are several dings on the butt (see photo).

Item# 8230




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