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Colt 1851 1st Model Squareback Navy Revolver --Incredible Half Scale Replica--

This is an incredibly detailed half scale miniature reproduction of a Colt Model 1851 Squareback Navy Revolver...measuring a little over 6" long from muzzle to the bottom rear corner of the grip. It's built just like a full-scale original, cocks and indexes just like an original and even sports a rifled barrel. A small run of these was authorized by Colt Manufacturing and built 25-30 years ago by Aldo Uberti of Italy for the United States Historical Society. Each example was inspected and authorized by the Colt Custom Shop and will letter with the Colt archives.

This one comes with all of its paperwork including a Colt factory letter and a Certificate of Authenticity from the United States Historical Society. As confirmed by the Colt letter, this revolver is a "Classic Model" with blued and case hardened finish. The bluing on this gun was Uberti's best finish known as "Charcoal Bluing" which is a very lengthy and tedious process. It was an option provided at extra cost on his full-scale replicas but well worth it and sets these apart from all other replicas which received modern blue/black blued finishes. The charcoal method is the same way Colt used to blue their guns back in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The letter states the grips are made of select walnut and also mentioned it received a roll engraved cylinder just like the original Colt. The scene is so detailed that you can see the naval scene down to the engagement date as found on the originals. The cylinder even has safety pins between the chambers. The Colt's patent marking is on the left side of the frame as is the New York barrel address. The parts are all serial numbered like the original and matching...although due to the risk of lowering its condition, I did not disassemble to verify internal parts. As stated in the letter, this one shipped in a velvet-lined walnut presentation case which is Colt-marked and still present with the revolver. It also comes with its original cardboard box and the original plastic bag that went over wooden box inside. The gun is in 99.9% condition. This would make a great Christmas gift or conversation piece as it is as much a work of art as it is metal craft!

Item# 1695




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