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Early Colt Model 1860 4 Screw Revolver

Nice example of an early 1862 production Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver with 4 screw frame for attachment of a shoulder stock.  .44 Caliber percussion with 8" round barrel and rebated cylinder.  Serial numbers is in the 29,000 range with 100% matching numbers including the wedge and arbor pin.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Good+ with nice markings and barrel address.  Overall, it retains a light patina with good profiles and edges but does show some marks from mishandling.  The cylinder has approximately 30% scene remaining with numerous indentions from being clasped carelessly by a pair of pliers...probably quite some time ago.  Mechanics are perfect.  Various military sub-inspector initials on most parts.  Grips are in Excellent condition with no chips or repairs and PERFECT wood to metal fit....far better than I've seen on most 1860's.  A very solid example of an early 4 screw 1860.

Item# 0605




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