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Colt 1860 Army Revolver Made in 1863

This is a decent example of a martially marked Civil War US issue Colt Model 1860 Army Percussion Revolver. Serial number is in the 114,640 range and was made in the middle of 1863. Barrel is marked "--ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK US. AMERICA--." Left side of frame stamped "COLT'S PATENT". Various inspector initials can be found on many of the parts. The grips have a good sub-inspector initial "D" on the base but only traces of the original cartouches remain due to a light stamp. The serial numbers are matching on the barrel, frame, wedge, arbor pin, trigger guard, and backstrap. The number on the cylinder is very weak (it was most likely lightly stamped). It requires careful study under a glass but the fragments visible are consistent with the serial number on the rest of the gun so I feel confident in confirming that it is matching and original to the gun.

Of the four Springfield Research books published some years back, records indicate that the majority of the recorded Colt Model 1860 Army's were issued to Union cavalry units. The closest matches we could turn up in the 114,000 range from the research conducted at the National Archives were serial numbers 114,448 and 114,515 which were both issued to Company H of the 6th Ohio Cavalry in October,1864. The next closest number to our serial number was 114,820. This revolver was issued to someone in Company C of the 12th New York Cavalry on September 15, 1863.

Overall, this revolver is in NRA Antique Good Plus Condition with nice edges. The metal is mostly smooth but a little frosty in places...which is often indicative of being stored in a leather holster for a prolonged span of time. The cylinder has about 15% of the scene remaining and a fair bit of the 1850 patent date visible while serial number is very faint. Very Good screws overall. The grips are in nearly Fine condition with the exception of on chip on the right side near the frame. (This is a simple chip and I will fix this free of charge upon request of the buyer) The wood has nice profiles with great wood to metal fit. The butt of the grips has not been used as a hammer or altered for a lanyard...a common alteration done by Civil War era cavalry units. The barrel to frame lock-up is good and tight and Very Good mechanics. Bore is Good overall with strong rifling and some scattered pits...typical of a black powder era revolver. No rings or bulges. A good solid example of a Civil War-issued Colt Army revolver!

Item# 9417




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