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Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver

This is a sharp example of a martially marked Civil War US issue Colt Model 1860 Army Percussion Revolver.  It shows good honest use with no abuse or neglect. Made in 1863. Serial number is in the 128,000 range with 100% All Matching Numbers. Barrel is marked "--ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK US. AMERICA--." Left side of frame stamped "COLT'S PATENT".  Various inspector initials can be found on many of the parts.  The grips have two good inspector cartouches visible at the bottom of each side of the grip (see photos). 

My old Springfield Research book shows the majority of the recorded 60 Army's in the 128,000 range were issued to the 6th Indiana Volunteer Cavalry in late October 1863 and August 29 of 1864.  While there is no way we can prove whether or not this revolver was actually issued to the 6th Indiana Cavalry, we at least know where and how several Colt Revolvers in the same serial range were being used during the later stages of the Civil War. On a whim, we looked up this unit's history and thought we'd share it with you. The 6th was involved in most or all of the battles of General Sherman's Atlanta Campaign during 1864. Interestingly enough, as the Battle for Atlanta was winding down, the unit was pulled back from Georgia to Nashville on August 28, 1864.  Springfield research shows they were re-supplied with additional Colt Revolvers the following day.  From Sept to October, they were back in Georgia chasing Confederate General Wheeler's Cavalry who was menacingly shadowing Sherman's March to the Sea. By November, they were once again guarding Nashville and participated in Battle of Nashville Dec. 15-16. 

Overall, this revolver is in NRA Antique Very Good Condition with nice edges, markings, with the metal turned to a nicely aged smooth grey patina.  Good screws overall.  The cylinder shows 85% strong scene depicting an American Naval engagement.  Fine grips with no abuse and fantastic wood to metal fit.  The butt of the grips has not been used as a hammer or altered for a lanyard...a trademark alteration sign from many Civil War era Cavalry units. Cylinder has all six safety pins still standing and in decent condition.  The barrel to frame lock-up is good and tight.  Very good mechanics.  Fine bore that is still bright with exceptionally strong lands and grooves.  Just a good solid example of a Civil War-issued Colt Army revolver!

Item# 8713




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