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Early Colt 1860 Army Revolver with Original Holster

This is a nice untouched example of a Colt Percussion 1860 Army Revolver with the early 4 screw frame.  Serial number is in the 22,000 which dates it to late 1861 war-time production.  All matching numbers throughout including wedge and arbor pin.  Most of these early 4 screws saw hard usage for the entire duration of the war making them somewhat difficult to procure in decent shape.  The US Government Issue flap holster is a little rough but has protected this Colt its entire life with the outline and contours of the gun now pressed into the leather.  Overall, this one is well above average with nice grips, screws, and a tight action.  I can't recall finding one this early still in its original holster or with all six safety pins intact on the back of the cylinder.  

Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good condition with the metal turned to a deep untouched heavy brown patina.  Its in "attic condition" so would probably improve with some very careful (non-abrasive/polish) cleaning.  Metal is mostly smooth overall with a few tiny pinpricks of light pitting on the left side of the frame  Barrel address has some dirt in the markings but is entirely legible and reads, "--ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA --".  Left side of the frame is marked "COLT'S PATENT".  The cylinder has Gov't inspector marks with a clear "COLT'S PATENT"  and 5 digit serial number.    Underneath this line, its marked in tiny letters "PAT.  SEPT 10TH 1850."  All six safety pins on back are present...its been a long time since we've seen even a nice Colt with all of them. The cylinder scene is about 35-45% with several of the ships still visible...light in places...quite typical of most military Colts from the Civil War era as most were carried in holsters.    Some of the Engagement marking at the front lip of the cylinder is still visible as well.  The grips are in Very Good+ condition with perfect wood to metal fit, no cracks, or repairs.  The cartouche is on the left side of the grip....a little faint but 80% visible.  Mechanically, the action is perfect.  Frame to barrel lock-up is very tight and straight.  Wedge is in beautiful shape and still retains some original blue internally.  Bore is Very Good overall...still bright with strong rifling with some scattered pits, light rust, and plenty of dust and dirt...which would clean up. 

Holster is worn and a bit tattered...but stable and in fair condition.  I'm not an expert on leather but we were told this was an early type holster for the 1860.Only things missing are the base plug and the little leather strap that holds down the flap.   Still has its original stitching.  Body of the leather is smooth retaining its original tanned surfaces...flap area has a good bit of crazing to the surface from flexing...but very little flaking.  The top fold of the flap has a small tear (really, just worn) that runs about an inch.  This holster is in remarkably good condition for an 1861 issue and survived nearly 150 years.  A little TLC would improve it considerably, but personally, it looks nice in this  untouched state too. 

All in all, a very nice all matching 4 Screw 1860 Army Colt still with its original leather!

Item# 0952




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