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Colt 1860 Army Revolver

This 1860 Army is a nice clean example of a Civil War vintage Colt.   A great many of these '60 Army revolvers saw use with Union Cavalry regiments.   Standard 8" barrel, .44 caliber percussion with US military cartouches on the grips and sub-inspector markings on most parts.   Serial number is in the 119,000 range.  Made in 1863...probably in the mid-summer around the time Lee attacked the Union Army at Gettysburg, PA.   All matching numbers except for wedge which is from an original wedge from another 1860 Colt...which was quite common with those issued and in service during the Civil War.

That said, this is one heck of a nice '60 Army that grades to no less than NRA Antique Very Good++.   Overall, for an Army issue Colt, it shows only light wear with the metal turned mostly to a smooth silvery gray with sharp lines and edges.  The cylinder has over 90% of its roll-engraved Mexican American War Naval engagement scene with an exceptionally clear "ENGAGED 16 MAY 1843" located along the front edge of cylinder.   This date was usually obliterated due to holster wear and chafing".  The frame still shows very faint original case colors that are still visible across at least 60% of the frame...mostly light blues and hues of red to purple.  Left side of frame clearly marked "COLT'S PATENT".   More case colors are visible on the loading lever and the back of the hammer.   Back strap has 35% original blue.  Barrel has 10% remaining mostly along the bottom underneath the loading lever but a few traces around the front sight, wedge, and barrel cone.   Plus a nice Colt NY Barrel address.  Cylinder rebate also has some traces of original blue as well.   cylinder rebate, about 10% on the barrel mostly on the bottom near the loading lever.   Trigger and several screws show traces to sizable portions of original fire blue.   Walnut grips show light handling marks with 75% original oil finish.   Very nice wood-to-metal fit that is nice and tight with no chips, cracks, or repairs.   Good visible cartouches on both sides.

If you like the outside of this Colt, the internals get even better!   Mechanically, the action has perfect mechanics...very crisp.   The back of the cylinder has ALL 6 safety pins intact!   Upon removing the cylinder, we noticed some very good case colors along the bottom and recoil face of the frame.   The bore was even more of a surprise, nearly MINT that is still mirror bright with perfect lands and grooves.   One of the best bores we've ever seen on a Percussion-era Colt revolver.   Barrel fits tightly to the frame with no play or looseness.  This is not your average "tired" old Civil War era Colt with little to no cylinder scene and almost invisible cartouches.   However, we're going to price this one the same as many you'll find on the market with those aforementioned attributes.

Item# 1137




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