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Colt 1860 Fluted Army Revolver Shipped to the Confederacy

Here is an exceptionally nice example of the early Colt 1860 Army Revolver with 4-screw frame and desirable full fluted cylinder and Hartford barrel address.  The serial number is in the 19XX range which dates it to late 1860 production.  In terms of serial range and date of production, this is prime real estate for gun purchases intended for war.  It's also within the five month window (Nov. 1860-April 1861) that seceding Southern states purchased weapons from Northern gunmakers, especially Samuel Colt.  One of the guns in great demand from Colt's Southern customers was its new Model 1860 .44 caliber cavalry model revolver  There were a number of shipments of this model that went South including ones to New Orleans, LA, Richmond, VA, Natchez, MS, etc. The historian at Colt's Manufacturing informed us that this particular gun shipped on December 27, 1860 to the state of Georgia in a shipment of 300 guns.  The gun will be provided with a Colt factory letter which we are in the process of obtaining.  Once this shipment was delivered (probably in early 1861), these Colts didn't stay here in Georgia for long as most would have been issued to state troops headed for northern Virginia.  See photo of an ID'd Georgia cavalryman (circa early 1861) armed with a brand new Colt 1860 Fluted Army Revolver.

Condition is NRA Antique Very Good+. 100% matching numbers including the wedge, grips, and arbor pin. The trigger guard and back strap retain 85% of their original silver plating.  The remainder of the metal is mostly a soft gray patina that's hazing to brown.  Upon close examination, there are traces of original blue visible in the rebated areas of the cylinder, cylinder flutes, around the wedge screw, under the rear portion of the barrel lug, and around the loading lever latch.  Trigger still shows most of its original tempered blue. There are no case colors visible on the external part of the frame but if you remove the cylinder, you'll find quite a bit remaining.   Grips are in Fine condition with 25% original varnish remaining.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Internally, the original serial number is visible where the Colt workman wrote it in ink under the backstrap (see photo).  Action is in nice working order and bore is very good.

Item# 1280




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