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Colt 1860 Full Fluted Army Revolver

This is an early production Colt Model 1860 Army Percussion revolver in 44 caliber with 4 screw frame and full fluted cylinder.  Serial number is 36XX  which is a prime range that coincides with the breakout of the Civil War.  A couple of years ago, we sold a similar 1860 Colt in the 33XX range that shipped South on April 9, 1861 to Kittredge and Folsom of New Orlean, LA.  This particular revolver shipped on April 18, 1861 to B. Kittredge of Cincinnati, OH.  This was only 6 days after the initial attack on Fort Sumter on April 12 and one day after the state of Virginia seceded from the Union.  Whether this one stayed North or was trans-shipped South just after the start of hostilities is impossible to say, but one thing that can be said of this Colt is that it met the War at a time when arms were in critically short supply on both sides. 

Standard 8" barrel and early rebated cylinder with full flutes.  All matching numbers throughout including wedge, back of cylinder, and arbor pin.  This revolver has very good markings and edges but the metal looks as though it was left standing inside of a wet leather holster. The metal is mixture of textered frosty dark brown patina with light pinprick pits.  In spite of this, the gun itself remains quite sharp and crisp.  You can still see traces of original case colors on the inside of the frame under the cylinder and on the inside face of the hammer.  The barrel wedge stil retains much of its bright original blue.   The bore is nearly perfect...bright and shiny with super rifling.  Action works beautifully.  Cylinder safety pins are present but mached.   Very Good screws overall.  Barrel to frame lockup is tight.  Original walnut grips are in Very Good+ condition with nice wood to metal fit and no chips or cracks.   Brass trigger guard has aged to a pleasing patina.  A scarce variation of the Colt 1860 that shipped from the factory during the first week of the Civil War.

Item# 0913




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