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Semi-Relic Colt 1860 Army Revolver

We have no provenance on this old Colt Army Revolver I'm sure it could tell us an interesting story if it could talk.  What a cool relic!  It looks like the front of the cylinder pin was sheared off at the wedge slot and became separated from its barrel.  Old Battlefield pickup?  We just don't know.  Cylinder is frozen onto the cylinder pin...which is actually a good thing...as it kept the two together.  Hammer still pulls back under tension but does not cock.  Action would need to be cleaned out and springs replaced.  The iron on this gun has some rust and some pitting but really isn't all that bad for a relic Colt.  The edges are good.  Serial number is 54748 on the triggerguard.  Made in 1862. You can also see at least some of the serial number under the crud and rust on the frame, cylinder and backstrap.  These markings should clean up better but we're not going to touch this one and demote it from its untouched relic status.   Original walnut grips are in surprisingly good shape and solid with a thin chip along the left side of the backstrap.  Bottom of grips have a soldier's initials "FVR" on one side and "W ?????" on the other side of the strap.  This Colt would make a great display in a shadow box of Civil War relics or (and its still good enough) could be even restored back to a complete 1860.  Its not a dug-up that's rusted into a chunk of iron-oxide.  Might also make a good candidate for a snub-nosed belly gun.

Item# 0948




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