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Allen Firearms (Uberti) Repro 1862 Colt Pocket Navy Revolver w/ Charcoal Blue

This is a fantastic replica of Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy Revolver in .36 caliber. It was manufactured around thirty years ago by Italian maker Aldo Uberti for Allen Firearms of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Standard 4-1/2" octagon barrel with five-shot cylinder and roll-engraved scene. Back in the early 1980's, through Uberti, Allen Arms began offering a finish option called "Charcoal Blue" to give replicas a closer resemblance to their original 19th century counterparts. The first time I saw this finish I was reading an article in Guns & Ammo by Rick Hacker about Allen Arms' new replica Henry rifle. Even in the pictures, it was almost hypnotic. The intent of this finish was to mimic the original blued finishes from the 19th century as an alternative to the modern blue/black finish. Charcoal blue was more of a heat-blue; it was less durable...but the wow factor was just off the charts. It cost a little more but it really stood out...even past the originals.

The following is a little excerpt we found online about the history of Allen Arms:

Leonard Frank Allen started Replica Arms, El Paso, TX in 1962 with the first 1847 Army replica, made by Armi San Marco. In 1965 Replica Arms was sold and moved to Marietta, OH. Mr. Allen then started Western Arms, Santa Fe, NM. Winchester filed an action because Western Arms was the name of their ammunition. Western Arms then was named Allen Arms, Santa Fe, NM. In 1984 Mr. Allen entered into a joint venture with Mike Harvey and his company, Bigfoot, in importing replicas from Uberti. This turned into Old West Company of Texas Inc. and then to Cimarron Firearms, Fredericksburg, TX.

Overall condition is NRA Excellent+ with 99% bright original blue remaining on the barrel and cylinder. The frame, hammer, and loading lever retain 99% bright original case colors. Attention to the little details is what separates an accurate reproduction of a Colt from a mediocre one. This one is pretty accurate with a nice roll-engraved scene and even the screws are accurate. I can't tell you how many modern-day replicas have poorly shaped screw heads with swirled machine marks. This one not only has nicely polished screws but they're fire blued just like the ones found on original Colts. The wood-to-metal fit is comparable to what you'd expect to find on an original Colt as well. Mechanically, the action is perfect...it even clicks like a Colt. All five safety pins on the back of the cylinder are intact. I can't find any evidence that this has ever been fired. Just a fantastic example of a Uberti revolver built during some of their best years.

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