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Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy Revolver --Mfd in 1862--

This is a nice example of Colt's .36 caliber Pocket Navy Revolver. These Model 1862 Navy and Police models are basically scaled down .36 caliber versions of the Model 1851 and 1861 Colt Navy Pistols built on the .31 caliber Model 1849 Pocket revolver frame. To the Civil War soldier, it was extra firepower in a pocket sized Colt. Besides the larger bore size, the easiest way to distinguish the 1849 from the 1862 Pocket Navy is the larger rebated cylinder as well as the slightly longer barrels in 4-1/2", 5-1/2", and 6-1/2". This one has the 4-1/2" barrel with its one- line New York barrel address which reads:


Left side of trigger guard is marked 36 CAL.

It's in untouched condition, never cleaned, and 100% original down to the smallest screw. Desirable early Civil War era serial number is in the 12,000 range. Manufactured around the middle of 1862. 100% all matching numbers throughout including wedge and arbor pin.

Barrel has 50% thinning original blue with the balance turned to a smooth brown patina...shows a few small nicks and minor dings. Frame has 15% thinning but discernable case colors mixing through a light grayish brown patina. Hammer shows 30% case colors and 20% colors remaining on the loading lever. Cylinder has strong traces of original blue tucked up in the front corners of the rebate. Main outer walls of the cylinder were probably cleaned a time or two during its period of use 100+ years ago as only 40-50% cylinder scene is remaining. Grips are in Fine condition retaining 92% original varnish...with nice orange reddish hue to the walnut.  Shows light handling marks and wear to the varnish only on the high spots. Screws are untouched showing some screwdriver wear. Most still have original fire blue. Good+ to Very Good overall and all are serviceable. Perfect wood-to-metal fit...completely untouched with no chips, cracks, or repairs. The brass straps and trigger guard have aged to a nice patina with small areas of untouched blackened silver plating in protected areas. Excellent mechanics. Bore is Fine with nice lands and grooves and still quite bright. There were only 47,000 Model 1862's combined with the Navy and the Police. We tend to find the Police versions more often than the Navy models as production of these was not very high. Then came the expiration  of S&W's Rollin White patent which meant that much of the late production of this model was converted to cartridge revolvers. That said, finding an original Model 62' Navy in nice condition and original percussion configuration can be a bit of a challenge. Even better, this one is early Civil War production. This one will fill that missing gap in your Colt Percussion collection!

Item# 1373




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