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Colt Model 1878 Revolver in .44 CAL --NEAR MINT & UNFIRED--

This is the finest example of a Colt Model 1878 we have ever seen! It is in nearly MINT condition and there is no evidence that we can find that it's ever even been fired. It takes some remarkable circumstances for something like this to survive in virtually new condition, starting with an original owner who chose never to use this gun. From there, it took probably another 3-5 generations of very careful owners who chose to do likewise as the first owner! THEY DIDN'T USE IT! BUT even more, they had to have taken the necessary steps to oil it once in a while AND keep it stored in a stable climate with low humidity for basically 115 years. The vast majority of guns fall off their peaks at some point or another and it is a very seldom occasion when I can find an antique gun that has anything remotely in common with the word "MINT". It is truly remarkable to find a gun so close to what it looked like when it left the Colt factory. It gets better though! The configuration is one of the best a collector could EVER hope for! Caliber is 44-40 a.k.a. ".44 Winchester" or ".44 Frontier" with a desirable 7-1/2" barrel. These .44 Colt Frontiers were often paired with Winchester 1873 rifles and carbines chambered in the same caliber! Left side of barrel is stamped "COLT FRONTIER SIX SHOOTER" with Colt address on top of barrel. Small rampant Colt logo in a circle stamped on left side of frame at lower edge. Finish is standard blue with fire-blued appointments and checkered hard rubber grips with the Rampant Colt logos. Antique serial number is in the 38,000 range which dates its production to the year 1898.

Overall Condition is NRA Antique Excellent+++ Condition. Frame has 99.9% bright original blued finish. Cylinder has 98.5% original blue with only loss of finish at the front outer edges. Ejector rod has 98% bright original blue with tiny bit of wear at the front edge. Barrel has 99% bright original finish...with again...only loss of the front edge of the muzzle...very slight rub wear probably from being tucked down into a leather holster a handful of times. Even high wear spots such as the ejector head and the cylinder pin retain 99% of their bright original blue. Fire blue on the trigger, screws, and rear profile of the hammer are 95%. Frontstrap shows 95% bright original blue while the backstrap is the only place on the entire gun that shows any deterioration with 65-70% original blue with the balance turned to a brown patina. Action is perfect...the cylinder star still looks to have most of its original blue. The chambers and bore all have their original blue intact. The bore is MINT and unfired. Grips are perfect! This is a very special Colt and one that would be nearly impossible to improve upon!

Item# 1592




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