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Colt 1878 .44 Cal Frontier Six Shooter DA Revolver

This is a nice completely untouched and 100% original example the Colt Model 1878 Double Action Revolver.  This gun was well-looked after as it shows just a little holster wear with most of the original finish remaining. Caliber is 44-40 with barrel marked "COLT FRONTIER SIX SHOOTER".  Barrel measures 7.5" w/ejector, blued finish, and checkered hard rubber grips.  Antique Serial number is in the 39,000 range and was manufactured in 1898.  The barrel address is a single line that reads, "Colt's PT. F.A. MFG Co HARTFORD CT. U.S.A."  

This Colt may also have some association with a Texas Ranger named Jack Key.  Owner's family history is that the grandfather received this gun as a gift from a former Texas Ranger Mr. Key, who had retired to California after he left his service in Texas (possibly 1920's). We are just forwarding the story to the next potential owner.  Note: We have not researched this gun or authenticated the story.

Overall condition grades at Fine++ to a low NRA Antique Excellent with 75% original blue overall with the balance worn mostly at the edges to a smooth silvery grey patina.  Very Good screws overall with most retaining significant portions of their original fire blue.  Hammer has strong fire blue across the back and knurled spur while the side walls retain most of their original bright polish that is just beginning to freckle with patina. Trigger also has most of its original fire blue remaining.  Front sight is correct and has never been filed down or altered.  Excellent checkered hard rubber grips with perfect wood to metal fit that has no chips or cracks.   Mechanics work nicely in both single and double action modes.  For a black powder era revolver, this Colt has a Very Good bore that is still bright and shiny with a few minor scattered pits.

Item# 0691




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