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Colt 1889 DA Revolver

The Model 1889 was Colt's first design featuring a double action coupled with a swing-out cylinder. One might say it's the grandfather to the modern double action. Note the beautiful long flutes on the cylinder...they look great as there are no cylinder stops to get in the way. The only problem there is that there is no locking bolt to lock it in battery when fired...the cylinder simply comes to rest on the pawl. The first 5,000 produced went to the US Navy. This one is an early civilian model with 4-1/2" barrel, blued finish, and hard rubber grips. Serial number is in the 11,000 and was likely produced sometime in early 1891. Barrel has the early 1884 and 1888 patent dates. Assembly numbers are all matching which includes the cylinder, latch, frame, barrel, sideplate, and yoke. The hard rubber grips are period correct but in what is called the New Army Style with the rampant colt design. Originally, this gun would have had grips in the New Navy Style which just say COLT. They fit well and should you come across a pair of New Navy grips, they should sell or trade about evenly. These 1889's are getting fairly hard to come by and unlike their later counterparts, production lasted only five years with 31,000 units manufactured.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good+ with 35% original blue remaining that is a bit splotchy in appearance. New Army hard rubber grips are in Fine Condition. Action is in nice working order. Good bore. A decent example of a Colt 1889 that would go up significantly in value with a correct pair of New Navy grips.

Item# 1705




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