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Colt New Army Model of 1892 DA Revolver

This is an early commercial example of the Model 1892 Colt Revolver. The US Army purchased the first 8,000 units of the Model 1892 followed by commercial production. For some reason Colt skipped serial numbers 8,000-10,000 and started commercial production at number 10,001 and runs up to about 15,000 before a small Navy contract followed by another skip in serial numbers up to around 60,000. This particular example is in the low 14,000 range which dates its production to the latter half of 1894. As you'll note in the photos, the gun has the special checkered hard rubber grips with the rampant Colt flanked by two roses above the model designation "1892".

According to Best's book on Colt Double Actions, there are two variants of the Commercial Model 1892...a 1st variation and a 2nd variation with a small safety mechanism. This 2nd variation spawned from the US military contract. Sometime in late 1893, the US Army discovered a problem with their early contract revolvers...which involved the hammer being able to strike when the cylinder wasn't fully locked in place. This was warranted especially dangerous given the fact the cylinder rotated counter-clockwise towards the swing-out mechanism on the left side of the frame. An engineer at Colt named Frank B. Felton was assigned with correcting this problem. Felton quickly designed a small hammer block device just below the barrel latch that allowed the hammer to function only when the cylinder was fully locked in place. While Felton's patent (assigned no. 535,097) wasn't granted until Mar. 5, 1895, Colt began using Felton's device on all its commercial Model 1892's in early 1894. Thus, Felton's device appears in Colt 1892's starting around serial number 12,000 which can be easily noted by the presence of a small screw below the cylinder latch on the left side of the frame. The Army quickly upgraded all the revolvers from the 1892 contract it could get its hands on with hammer safety block. Later, this would be termed the Model 1894 due to the military wanting to identify revolvers with the improvements in later contracts. However, at the time this was manufactured, Colt still considered this a Model 1892...albeit a 2nd variation...hence the "1892" on the grips.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent with 95% bright original blue overall. The screws, trigger, and rear face of the hammer still retain approximately 75% original fire blue while the profiles of the hammer show about 85% original bright polish remaining. Checkered hard rubber grips are excellent with sharp checkering and perfect logos. No chips, cracks, or repairs. Barrel has its correct early style markings with the 1884 and 1888 patents. Assembly numbers are all matching which include the frame, yoke, latch, and inside of the grip panels. Action cycles perfectly in single and double action modes. Bore is bright and Fine+ Condition. A great all original and untouched example of an early commercial Colt Double Action Model 1892 New Army Revolver.

Item# 1636




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