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Colt Model 1895 New Army Navy Double Action Revolver

This is a commercial version of the Colt Double Action Revolver known as the Model 1895. This one is a true antique with a serial number in the 113,000 range which dates its production to 1898. Many of these commercial 1895's were purchased by the US Navy as well as soldiers during the Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection. While its new double action design and swing-out cylinder were vast improvements over the Colt Single Action revolvers of the past, its primary flaw was its cartridge; the .38 Colt was too light a round for heavy combat. It simply lacked stopping power, especially when up against the tough machete-wielding Moro tribesman in the Philippines. Still, the 1895 Colt Revolver found its place in history and was a very successful design. It was the weapon of choice that future US President Theodore Roosevelt of the US 1st Volunteer Cavalry used to charge up Kettle and San Juan Hills in the Spanish-American War.

Specs: 6" Barrel, blued finish, checkered hard rubber grips, caliber .38 Colt, six-shot cylinder.

Overall Condition NRA Antique Excellent with 80% original blue which is starting to tone to a brown patina. Profiles of hammer still show most of their polished bright finish while the rear face and spur retain 95% original fire blue. Trigger and many of the screws still retain significant portions of their original fire blue. Checkered hard rubber grips are Excellent with zero chips, cracks, or repairs. Nice working action. Bore is semi-bright with a few pits. Fair+ to Good Overall. Nice barrel address with 1888 through 1895 patent dates. Very nice example of an all original Colt 1895 with a desirable antique serial number.

Item# 1630




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