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Springfield Model 1911 Automatic Pistol Barrels Circa WW1 MINT!

These two Springfield Model 1911 barrels came from the living estate of a 95 year old veteran of WW2. They are both Springfield Armory barrels for the Model 1911 Automatic Pistol. Each one has S and P proofs on the lug. One has the S over the P while the other has the letters horizontally or side by side. According to Clawson's book, these two types were intermixed on Springfield Model 1911's from serial number 127,000 to 127,978. These were used on the last run of 1911's produced at Springfield in 1917. Following the end of production, the Springfield Armory still furnished these barrels as field replacements between WW1 and WW2. During WW2, some were marked batch numbers for heat treatment and installed on 1911 rebuilds as well as on some of the early contractors building the 1911A1. Neither of these barrels have the additional WW2 markings so they would be correct for the late Springfield 1911 or as a field replacement anytime before WW2.

Barrel Number 1 is in Mint Condition...unfired with 99.9% original blue and a perfect bore. Appears to have never even been installed in a Model 1911 as there is no bushing wear and the feed ramp still has all of its blue. This one has the S over the letter P with a serif at the lower part of the P.

Barrel Number 2 has 90%+ original blue but has been modified above the muzzle with three saw cuts to reduce recoil. Aside from the cuts, the bore is excellent. This one has the S next to the P which has no serif on the bottom.

If you have a 1917 vintage Springfield, these would be perfect. However, even if you have a Colt 1911, or one of the 1911A1's from the 20's, 30's, and early WW2, these barrels will work as correct US Army field replacement.

Item# 1775




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