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Colt 3rd Model "Thuer" Deringer

This is a nice clean example of a Colt 3rd Model Deringer also known as the Thuer Model.  .41 Caliber rimfire with 2 1/2" barrel.  Colt manufactured 48,000 units of this model from 1875 to 1912.  The top of the barrel is marked "-COLT-" in large slanted letters.  Original front sight is made of German silver. This particular gun is in the 8,000 serial range with both grips numbered to the frame.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good Plus with the barrel mostly a very smooth silvery grey patina with original blue in protected areas.  The trigger, hammer,  and several screws show portions of their original fire blue while the brass frame has aged to a nice mellow patina.  Walnut grips are solid with no cracks and have 70% original varnish remaining.  Very good bore and  mechanics with working extractor.  A very sharp looking Thuer Deringer.

Item# 8724




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