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Colt 3rd Model Dragoon Revolver US Marked

This old Gov't Issue Colt Dragoon just came from a family who owned it for at least the past 50 years.  This is one of the few dragoons I've ever seen that is 100% original down to the smallest screw. This is a Third Model Dragoon in .44 Caliber  with the rounded triggerguard and rectangular cylinder stops.  Built in 1853, the serial number is in the 13,000 range with all matching numbers including the wedge and arbor pin.  The left side of the frame is "US" marked underneath the Colt's Patent marking. The bottomstrap is inscribed by hand "J. McGuire" most likely from an 1850's or 1860's era Civil War owner. Although this is a common name, he could be researched. The top of the barrel is marked "Address SamL Colt New. York City". 

Most of these dragoons saw extremely hard use throughout the 1850's with US Mounted Dragoons, followed by 4 years of Civil War, and still many saw more use on the Frontier following the War.  These early large frame Colts were among the first weapons to become collectible starting back as early as the 1920's and 30's and while some were well-kept, you see many that were severely cleaned through decades past...(probably when they were worth a good deal less than they are now.)  While it was almost impossible to destroy one of these massive Colts, most of the survivors look pretty worn and tired and show every bit of their 150+ years of age. 

This particular Colt certainly saw use but it has made it through 15 decades with just about everything it had back when it was new in the 1850's.  For starters, it actually has cylinder scene...quite a bit actually.  You can still see fairly detailed amounts of the scene with mounted riders fighting Indians in a pitched battle.  You can even see the finely marked "WL Ormsby NY" and the etched COLTS PATENT and MODEL USMR flanking the serial number.  They cylinder still has 4 good safety pins intact with 2 mashed but still present.  Nice original nipples on all 6 chambers.  The frame still has patches of original case colors that have silvered out...with the balance turned to a dark brown patina.  Nice crisp "Colt's Patent over "US" on left side of the frame.  Barrel has turned mostly to a dark uncleaned brown patina with some pitting on the left side....the balance of the metal is smooth with sharp edges and crisp markings.  Bore is frosty but has strong sharp rifling...a good+ bore.  Nice working action.  Brass triggerguard and backstrap have a slight shine to them but show their age in the protected areas with a nice dark patina.  All screws are in good serviceable shape and the ARE ORIGINAL!  How many dragoons have you seen with 100% original screws!  Last but not least, the grips are just fantastic on this gun.  You see so many Dragoons with sanded and undersized grips, cracked, replaced, etc....that its refreshing to see one like this.  These grips have never been sanded or refinished...they fit the metal perfectly.  There only flaw I can find is a minor chip missing at the front of the bottom strap on one side.  This would be easy to fix but why bother!  The best part of the grips are the cartouches.  They're a little worn but you can still easily see both military inspector cartouches located on each side. 

All in all, a nice pure example of a very untouched looking US marked Colt Dragoon and one of the best we've ever offered.

Item# 0511




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