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Colt Early and Unusual Brass Bullet Mold for Gold Rush Era 1851 Navy Revolver

This is an original early Colt Bullet Mold with the scarce brass body and handles. As early Colt bullet molds have no sprue cutter, the COLT'S PATENT was stamped directly across the top halves of the mold below the hinge. According to Robin Rapley's book on Colt Accoutrements, this mold should be in .31 caliber and correct for an early Model 1849 Pocket Revolver. However, this one is in .36 caliber which would be for the Model 1851 Navy. My best guess would be that sometime during the early 1850's. Colt received an order for .36 caliber molds when the Hartford plant had none on hand. A smaller Colt 1849 Mold was procured and cherried out to .36 caliber by carefully angling the cuts for the conical ball. Overall condition is Very Good with some light dings and scratches, but fairly smooth overall with a nice mellow patina over the brass. Cavities are in Very Good Condition and appear to be for both the sperical and early style non-belted conical ball. A very unique Colt Revolver accessory and possibly one of a kind.

Item# 1858




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