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Colt Lightning Saddle Ring Carbine

This is a nice solid example of a pump action Colt Lightning SRC.  These were Colt's answer to the Winchester Lever Action following the Company's discontinuation of the Colt Burgess Lever Action Rifle in Jan. of 1885.  The Lightning was produced from 1884-1904 in small, medium, and large frames depending upon the Caliber. This one is a Standard carbine configuration with medium frame in 44-40 caliber with 20 1/4" barrel.  Antique Serial Number is in the 55,000 range.  Mfd in the year 1891.    Standard features also include: blued finish, full magazine, carbine ladder sights, saddle ring, and carbine buttplate.  Standard carbine walnut stocks with checkered forearm. Nice markings throughout with a nice clear Rampant Colt or "Horsey" on the left side of the receiver. Barrel address has the 1883, 85, and 1887 patent dates. 

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good+ to Fine.  The receiver still retains approximately 40% original blue that's strong in the protected areas and mixing in with patina through more open places. You can see where the saddle ring has worn a nice shadow on the left side....which is exactly what collectors want to find on any Winchester, Marlin, or Colt carbine. The barrel and magazine tube have mostly turned to  a smooth brown patina with about 10-15% original blue in protected areas.  The front barrel band even exhibits some original blue down in the recesses and protected areas.  Original Colt carbine rear sight is original to the gun and still shows lots of blue on the base and proper graduations on the bottom of the leaf.  Wood is in Very Good condition...very solid with no cracks and nice wood to metal fit (better than the photos indicate.  Wood has never been sanded.  The checkering on the forend is all there but a bit worn from scabbard wear.  Still nice with no broken out pieces and the original German silver escutcheons for the mounting screws. Very Good Mechanics.  Unlike so many Lightnings, the bolt still locks properly when the hammer is cocked. Very Good Bore...still fairly bright with nice rifling with a few minor pits here and there.  No rings or bulges.  A nice attractive example of a Colt Lightning Carbine with lots of original blue for a reasonable price.

Item# 1014




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