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Colt London 1849 Pocket Revolver

This is a nice example of an early Colt 1849 Pocket Percussion Revolver made in Samuel Colt's London factory.  Its in .31 Caliber with 5 shot cylinder, and 4" octagonal barrel. In 1851, Samuel Colt traveled to England where he put on a display of his products at the London Exhibition.  His Percussion Revolvers received such strong interest that he later opened a new factory in London 2 years later in 1853.  From 1853-1856, Colt's London plant produced 42,000 Model 1851 Navy Revolver, 11,000 Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver, and assembled about 700 Colt 3rd Model Dragoons. This particular example was manufactured in early 1855.  Serial number is in the 5,000 range.  Numbers are 100% all matching including the wedge and arbor pin. Its in .31 Caliber with 4" octagon barrel.  Barrel is marked "ADDRESS COL. COLT LONDON".  Left side of frame marked "COLT'S PATENT".  True to London-made guns, each cylinder chamber and the barrel have been proved by the London Proof house.  It fits the standard London Colt profile with iron trigger guard and back strap, dome-shaped screws, and nicely finished walnut grips with its original "slim-jim" profile.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine.  Frame and loading lever show 50% original case colors...balance turned to a silvery gray.  Barrel appears to be gray in the photos with patches of original blue...but there really is quite a bit of thin original blue running across all the flats of the octagon....total about 35% original blue.  Cylinder has worn to gray with 90-95% strong cylinder scene.  Only blemish is a small scratch that runs around the circumference of the cylinder...probably some old timer disassembled the gun long ago to clean it and he put the wrong screw back in to hold in the cylinder spring...resulting in a thin drag mark.  The iron trigger guard still has about 10% original silver plating mostly on and around the bow...and an additional 10% of the guard towards the front is tarnished copper plated.  The copper was the intermediary plating necessary to go between the silver plate and the iron base metal...very thin and rarely seen.  The trigger still shows about 60% bright fire blue...several screws also have quite a bit of original fire blue remaining.  The walnut grips are in Fine++ condition with just a few minor blemishes....still retains 75% original amber-hued varnish.  Action is in very good working order.  Barrel to frame fit is tight...this is in spite of one of the guide pins being chipped.  The bore is in good condition...with strong rifling and the usual assortment of scattered pits typically seen on most black powder era weapons.  No rings or bulges.  Very good screws throughout with perfect markings including Colt's Patent and Colt London Barrel address.  A fine example of an 1850's era London Colt Pocket Revolver.

Item# 1047




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