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Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver

This is an exceptionally good example of a martially marked Colt 1860 Army Percussion Revolver from the Civil War. It's martially marked with government inspector cartouches on both sides of the grips including the various sub-inspector marks on parts. Standard three screw frame with eight inch barrel. It's in great shape, having seen probably a year of usage, perhaps even less towards the latter part of the war. The serial number is in the 138,000 range which dates it towards the latter half of 1863...which was almost the end of the war for Colt. Just a few months after this 1860 was produced, the Colt plant was almost entirely destroyed in a fire in early 1864. The destruction ground Colt's production of the Model 1860 from 65,000 in 1863 down to a mere 3,000 (probably just prior to the fire) for the entire year of 1864.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good+ with 100% matching numbers throughout. The frame has 10% original case colors, mainly around the recoil shield and around the screws. Backstrap retains 25% original blue. 10% original blue remains on the rebate of the cylinder and down in the cyl. stops with approximately 10% blue in protected areas on the barrel. Loading lever shows 25% original case colors. Internal surfaces of the wedge show 80% original blue. Screws are in Excellent Condition overall...several showing all or portions of their original nitre blued finish. The balance of the metal is a smooth light gray patina that's beginning to turn over to brown. Nice markings throughout. Front of cylinder retains 85% original roll-engraved scene. The rear of the cylinder has ALL SIX of its safety pins intact! It's not very often we come across a US-issued percussion Colt from the Civil War with all six pins remaining. See photo. The grips are in Fine+ Condition with two strong cartouches and sub-inspector stamp on the bottom of the handle. No chips, cracks, or repairs with perfect wood to metal fit. The action works perfectly. The bore is Excellent...still bright and shiny showing minimal usage. Nice crisp example of a late-war Colt that looks like it was there but still has condition!

Item# 1519




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