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Colt 1889 Double Action Revolver in .41 Colt

This is another nice Colt Model 1889 Double Action Revolver with 4" barrel in caliber 41 Colt.   These were only manufactured for five years.  Serial number is in the 12,000 range.   1891 production.   It has matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, barrel, swing-out arm, and cylinder.   Checkered hard rubber grips have the proper plain "COLT" logo which is correct on the 1889 Models.

The 1889 was essentially the grandfather to the modern Colt Double Action revolver and was their first with a "swing-out" cylinder.   Note the cleaner lines which is mainly due to the outside of the cylinder having longer flutes and the absence of any visible stop notches.   Colt built just 31,000 of these from 1889 to 1894 with the first 5,000 units going to the US Navy.   Following its introduction, Colt quickly improved the 1889 by adding duals sets of stop notches on the cylinders in addition to various other internal improvements.   As a result of these improvements, nearly all of the 5,000 USN's were upgraded to the New Navy configuration with cylinder stops added.   At Colt, the 1889 was soon phased out of production and these new improved models went on to become known as the Colt New Army or Navy Revolver, with various year designations defining the improvements, e.g. 1892, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1901, 1903, etc.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good with 15% original finish with balance worn to a silvery gray.   The screws, trigger, and hammer retain most of all their correct Colt fire-blued finish.   Barrel is marked "COLT D.A. 41" with 3-line barrel address containing 1884 and 1888 patent dates.  Hard rubber grips are in good condition overall with checkering that's somewhat worn.  They have shrunk slightly under the metal with a minor crack in the base of left panel (can be easily repaired) and two small chips.   Mechanics appear to be in good shape.   Ratchet appears to have been either rebuilt or replaced at some point.   Bore is very good, still bright.   An honest good-looking Colt 1889 for a reasonable price.

Item# 0012




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