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Colt Model 1894 Double Action Revolver -US Marked / Span Am War-

This is a nice example of the US Model 1894 Colt Double Action New Army Revolver in .38 Colt with 6" barrel, blued finish, and wood grips.  Antique serial number in the 102,000 range.  Mfd in the year 1898 for the Spanish American War.  Inspected by Ronaldo A. Carr for the US Army.  Carr's stamps can be found on the grips, frame, and just once on the cylinder which is correct for an original Model 1894 that was never rebuilt or upgraded.  The Model 1894 is essentially identical to the Army Model 1892 except that the cylinder catch has a blocking mechanism that keeps the hammer from cycling back to full cock while the cylinder is unlatched.  Note: about 98% of the Model 1892's purchased by the gov't received this upgrade which came standard on the 1894.  Matching numbers throughout including the grips, frame, cylinder latch, inner sideplate, and cylinder crane.  Note: there are no serial numbers on the back of cylinder and barrel which is CORRECT for an 1898 production Model 1894.  Barrel has 1884, 1888, and 1895 patent dates which is also CORRECT on a late Model 1894 revolver.  Both grips have their original cartouches which are light but visible and part of the "1898" date visible on the left grip just above the inspector's cartouche.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent with 80% original blued finish present.  Fire blue is present on the majority of the screws, rear hammer face (correct), and the upper portions of the trigger.  Sides of hammer still retain much of their original bright polish.  Excellent markings and crisp checkered knurling on the hammer. Original walnut grips are a pleasing light to medium brown hue with excellent wood-to-metal fit.  No cracks or repairs.  Action is in good working order with an excellent bore.  All in all, a nice solid example of a late 19th century US military Double Action revolver.

Item# 1281




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