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Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver

This isn't too bad of a Colt Navy in .36 Caliber but it needs some help.  Good news:  All matching numbers including cylinder and wedge.  Civil War serial range...made in 1863.  Good smooth metal with little to no pitting.  Nice markings but little to no cylinder scene remaining.  Bad news:  Backstrap is bent up fairly good and needs to be straightened.  Grips may or may not be original to the gun.  They're definitely old with some original varnish remaining but its hard to tell how well they fit with the straps bent.  Large chip in side of grip. Front sight replaced. Several missing or replaced screws.   Action binding/not working.  In the right hands, this gun should straighten out to be a good all matching number Civil War vintage Navy revolver.  This would make a nice Winter project for someone who knows their way around a Colt design.

Item# 0564




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