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Colt 1851 Navy Revolver

This Colt 4th Model 1851 Navy Revolver has the desirable iron straps and Hartford barrel address. Manufactured in 1859, its serial number is in the 90,000 range with all matching numbers.  As you may note from the photographs, this revolver appears to be in nearly mint condition.  This is becuase it was refurbished by Colt around 50 to 60 years ago and we suspect it was probably one part of a set of percussion Colts.  Note: We have previously sold a Model 1860 Army and 1861 Navy that appear to have come from the same group....see our Sold Section.  Following WW2 up to 1955, Colt offered complete restoration services for all of its revolvers, including percussion guns.  After 1955, Colt only restored Single Action Army's.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent Plus to Mint.  The frame and loading lever still shows nearly all of their original bright case colors while the brilliant fire blued screws show minimal to no wear.  Cylinder has perfect scene with nearly 100% blue while the barrel has 95% bright blue with a little bit of flaking or streaking that has occurred over the past 5o to 60 years.  Grips are sharp and flawless.  Perfect mechanics and a nice bore.  About as nice of a real 1851 Iron Colt Navy revolver as you can find without having to pay $25,000 or more. 

Item# 9142




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