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Colt US Model 1894 Army Revolver --Orig. & Unaltered--

This is a pure example of an early US Model 1894 Double Action New Army Revolver manufactured by Colt. These were used extensively in the Spanish-American War in Cuba and the Philippines..as well as the Moros uprisings...where the caliber proved to be rather anemic in certain situations. Mechanically however, this was the BEST of the BEST for a revolver of that era with a smooth double action design. Teddy Roosevelt carried a similar Colt DA with him when he led his men up San Juan and Kettle Hills in 1898. It has a standard 6" barrel, six-shot cylinder, in caliber .38 Colt. These New Army's were constantly being upgraded and refurbished from the time they were new all the way through World War One. Unlike so many Model 1894's, this one is still in its original configuration and has never been upgraded to the 1901 configuration and it somehow escaped being refurbished by Colt or Remington Arms. Usually, the best ones you'll find are ones that officers kept following their service. This one has an antique serial number in the 106,000 range which was made in 1898. Early-style cartouches on the grips with a faint but legible "1898" date above the left grip cartouche. All matching numbers throughout. Barrel has the correct 1884, 1888, and 1895 patent dates.

Overall, NRA Antique Excellent Condition. 80% original blue on cylinder, 90% on barrel, and 75% on frame. Trigger and grip screw still show bright fire blue. The two-tone hammer shows much of the original bright polish remaining on the profiles with strong fire blue on the rear face. Grips are in Very Good Plus to Fine Condition overall with both cartouches and manufacture date still visible. No cracks or repairs. One tiny chip of wood is missing off the bottom leading edge of the left grip. Action is in nice shape. Bore is Excellent. There aren't many large frame US military revolvers in this condition with antique serial numbers that are still affordable for collectors. These are getting tough to find in the original non-upgraded 1894 configuration. A great Span-Am War Colt Revolver!

Item# 1388




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