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Colt New Line .22 Revolver w/ Rare Extra Length Barrel

I never would have believed this existed until I saw this one for myself.  In nearly all respects, this is a standard Colt New Line Revolver in .22 Caliber, small frame, nickel finish, with rosewood grips, and acid-etched panel on the barrel.   On rare occasions, you'll see a mid-size or large-size frame New Line revolver with extra length barrels. What sets it apart from all other small-frame New Lines I've seen over the past 2 decades of collecting is a super rare extra length 2 3/4" barrel.  Standard barrel length was 2 1/4" and while that extra 1/2" in barrel length probably doesn't seem like much in writing, its actually quite noticeable on such a small pocket revolver. Scaled up to the size of a Single Action in .45 Colt, it would probably be appear more like a couple of extra inches added to a standard barrel dimension. 

Standard Nickel finish is 95% on frame, 75% on cylinder, and 85% on barrel.  Acid Etched panel on left side of barrel reads COLT NEW 22.  Excellent markings include "22 CAL" on left side of frame, Colt Address on top of barrel, and September 15, 1874 patent date on the bottom of the barrel just under the muzzle.  Back of hammer and a few of the screws show original fire blue.  Excellent Rosewood grips with flawless wood to metal fit..no chips, or cracks.  Bore could use a cleaning but looks to be in Good shape with strong rifling.   Don't let this one get away!  You may never see another!

Item# 0851




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