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Colt New Line Revolver .41, MINTY in Original Wood Case

This is a nearly perfect example of the desirable .41 Caliber Colt New Line Revolver. Serial number is in the 7,000 range and was made in 1877. These were sold out of Colt's London Agency with other cased Colts from conversions to the 1873 Colt Single Action and even 1877 Double Action Lightning Models. This is what some collectors call a "sleeper". It's been put away and forgotten about for many years. Guaranteed 100% original. Nobody has ever cleaned it and looks so crisp, we doubt it's even been taken apart. We were told it was part of a doctor's estate from 100 years ago and was found inside a trunk. It comes in its original Colt London Agency marked English style case which is constructed of English oak. Inner lid has its original Colt London Agency labels, cartridge board cut for ten rounds of .41 centerfire. Box has all partitions intact that is complete with original key and tool. Aside from the fact that it was proved at the London Proof House, it appears to be unfired as there are no shoulder marks on the face of the recoil shield, nor are there powder rings on the front or back of the cylinder (see photos) and finally, the bore is stone MINT.

Overall Condition grades easily to NRA Antique Excellent Plus with 98% original nickel. Etched panel on left side is marked COLT NEW 41 and is as nice as they come! Screws and pins retain 95% of their original bright fire or nitre blue. I love the contrast between the nickel and the vivid fire blue on the appointments but in order to get the full effect, the gun needs to be in high condition. That said, this one does not disappoint. Original rosewood grips are flawless with no nicks or dings...and 99.9% original varnish. The case is in Very Good condition overall retaining nearly all of its original varnish on the outside of the case. Brass key hole escutcheon and presentation roundel on the lid are both intact. The original green felt lining has some edge wear and foxing/small spots of discoloration on the lining. Label is perfect...nothing missing with six round stains from where the inside of the lid rested against the cartridge heads stored inside...exactly what you want to see on a 19th century Colt label. It has a really neat iron 3-in-1 combination tool which functions as a screwdriver, cleaning rod, and cartridge ejector. It even has a slot on the end for holding a patch. The only negative I can say about the case is that when this box was pulled from out of the trunk where it had been stored for the past 100 years, the left corner of the lid began to warp and curl up as the wood began to absorb moisture. As a result, while it shuts fairly tightly, the lid is not flush with the base of the box and should be locked. See photo. This is not uncommon and most of the English cases I've had over the years have had similar warpage issues with the lid. As one of my old collector friends opined several years ago when I complained about a boxed Colt Lightning with the exact same issue, "Brent, that's how you know it's an original box". My feeling is that if desired, this could possibly be straightened by a luthier or someone who works with wooden musical instruments so as not to harm the original label and varnish. This is a great cased Colt .41 New Line that would be challenging to improve upon.

Item# 1718




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