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Colt New Line Revolver in .41 Caliber

This is an average example of a Colt New Line Revolver in .41 caliber. The Colt New Line was introduced in the mid-1870's. It was made in several different frame sizes to handle different calibers ranging from .22 to .41. Unfortunately for Colt, this well-made revolver simply couldn't compete with the explosion of cheaply made cartridge revolvers that flooded the market following the Civil War. The .41 New Line was discontinued in 1879 after only five years on the market.

Standard gun with 2-1/4" barrel, nickel finish, and rosewood grips. Many of these shipped to Great Britain but this one has no British proofs. There is 80% original nickel on the frame, 60% on the cylinder, and about 20% in the protected areas of the barrel. The balance of the metal is a frosty gray patina with some scattered light pits. Most likely, this revolver was carried in a holster. Original rosewood grips are worn but solid...a bit grainy with no original varnish remaining. Traces of original fire blue on the grip screw. Left side of frame marked "41 CAL" which usually denotes the scarcer .41 rimfire caliber as there is no letter "C" after this marking to denote .41 centerfire. This probably shipped from Colt back in the 1870's as a .41 rimfire revolver but it appears that someone (probably back in the 19th century) changed the firing pin on the hammer to fire .41 centerfire. Mechanics are good. Cylinder has a little play. Very Good bore. Original front sight.

Item# 1679




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