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Colt Open Top Pocket Revolver 1st Year Production w/ Ejector Housing

This little Open Top revolver is one of the first cartridge guns produced following the expiration of the Rollin White patent held by Smith and Wesson in 1871. Open Tops were produced from 1871-1877 with a total of 114,000 units produced. This one is in the low 2,000 serial range which makes it first year production. Early features include the scarce and desirable ejector housing which is integral to the barrel and high spur hammer. Caliber is .22 short and long with 2-3/8" barrel and seven shot cylinder. It was made to compete directly with the Smith and Wesson No. 1, 3rd Issue Pocket Revolver. Putting things into perspective, when this revolver was produced in 1871, Colt was still producing percussion revolvers.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good with 95% original nickel still remaining on the brass frame. The steel cylinder and barrel are mostly bright with some traces of some older touch up blue in the corners. Barrel address and edges are sharp and show no rounding from being buffed. The grips have been cleaned long ago with decent wood-metal fit overall but a little under-sized at the top of the left panel. Action is in good working order. Very Good bore. Screws and pins are in good condition. Ejector rod is complete and functions properly. Of the few we've seen over the years, most of these early Open Tops are usually priced in the 1,400 to 2,000 dollar ranges. This isn't a pristine example by any means but we think you'll have a hard time finding a decent one for less.

Item# 1574




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