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Colt Root Revolver

This is a beautiful Colt Root Revolver that is completely untouched.  Early 2nd Model in the 5100 serial range, made in 1855 which is a first year production gun.  Caliber is in .28 Caliber with 3 1/2" octagon barrel and early type barrel address with the pointing hand.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent with 95% bright original blue on the frame.  Barrel has a little bit of closet rust...so its a tad less around 85% original blue.  The cylinder is one of the very best I've ever seen on a Root with about 50-60% thinning blue overall that hazed with patina.  Usually, the first thing to go on a Colt is the cylinder blue...this gun was fired very little to survive with this degree of cylinder blue.  Yes, the cylinder scene is PERFECT.   Even the high wear areas such as the backstrap and the belly of the frame still retain 95% original blue.  Grips are nearly perfect with no chips, cracks, or repairs, and still show 75-80% original varnish.  Nice screws throughout.  Excellent markings.  The action works like its brand new.  Bore I suspect is pretty nice as you can see the rifling grooves out to the muzzle....but I have not pulled it apart for closer inspection since I lack the proper spanner tools to remove the cylinder pin and cylinder from a Root.  This is the nicest Root we've offered in years. This one really deserves a Case.

Item# 0891




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