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Colt Walker Late Transition Dragoon Bullet Mold --Extremely Rare--

This is an original Colt Bullet Mold for the .44 Caliber Colt Walker Transition Dragoon Revolver.  These were also called Colt Whitneyville Hartford Dragoons and they bridged the gap between the original Walker Colts, SN# 1-1,100, and the 1st Model Dragoon SN# 1,341-8,000.   There were only 240 of this model produced in 1847 from the 1,101-1,340 serial ranges.   Finding a Whitneyville is not easy as survival rates were fairly low on early Colts...so I would imagined locating an original bullet mold for one would present a challenge.   Pictured on pg. 117 of Robin Rapley's book titled Colt Accoutrements 1834-1911, Robin gives this variant a five star rating or "extremely rare" on a scale from one to five stars.   The mold itself represents the final evolution of the Colt Walker Bullet Molds.   The body is brass with an iron sprue cutter that is flat without the "tiller" handle bar as found on the earlier Walker molds.   Rapley notes "The demise of the tiller was because, it is impossible to hand hold a mold with a tiller and cut the spru."   The mold is also very similar to the early Dragoon molds with one exception.   The brass body has a funnel built over the conical mold cavity.   The Walker transition and the 1st Model Dragoon do not have a heel or a grease groove inside the conical bullet cavity.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fair.   What this mold has going for it are 1.   It's complete.  2.  The cavities are in good condition.  3.  The brass handles are straight and not bent or cracked.   The brass blocks are well worn and show plenty of tap marks and dings where the original owner was casting bullets.   Bottom of mold looks like someone tried to smooth out a few of the surface roughness.   The iron sprue cutter is well worn and the "COLT'S PATENT" marking is no longer visible.   A scarce early Colt mold that seldom sees the market.

Item# 1209




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