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Confederate Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle --JS Anchor Marked--

This is a very rare example of a JS Anchor marked Confederate Enfield Rifle that is 100% correct and complete.  Standard 3 band infantry rifle with 39" barrel in Caliber .577 made by EP BOND OF LONDON.  This rifle has the FOUR things that every Civil War collector DREAMS of finding on a Confederate JS Anchor marked Enfield!  #1. The all-important Confederate Viewer's mark, the "JS Anchor" symbol, is clearly visible behind the trigger guard in the wood. #2. The top tang of the brass buttplate is engraved with the blockade number 7237 #3. This one has the suppliers initial stamped into the wood in front with the letter "B" which stands for "Bond"....others were "F" for Freed, "K" for Kerr, "S" for Scott, and "J" for James.  To my knowlege, of those 5 suppliers, Bond is the only one who either built and/or stamped their lockplates with their name. #4.  And this is the really tough one!  This one has its original matching numbered ramrod engraved 7237. This the only example we've ever found that still has its original numbered rod.   Given the hard usage and often subsequent post-war atrocities committed on these old Veterans, if you can just find an Enfield with the numbered buttplate and even a hint of the fragile JS Anchor marking, then you've done WELL!  However, this is the first time in many years of searching that we've turned up a Confederate JS Anchor Enfield with all these markings intact including the original rod. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good with the metal turned to a light patina that is mostly smooth with no signs of significant corrosion with the exception of some minor pits around the nipple and bolster.  Barrel has nice London Proofs and has survived with its original front and rear sights intact.  Very Good screws throughout.  Brass furniture shows signs of having been polished over the years but over the years has now aged to an attractive mellow patina.  Very Good wood that is remarkably solid and intact for a Confederate Enfield with no cracks or repairs.  There is still some original varnish intact...towards the butt of the stock with traces around the bands.  There some slight burn-out on the wood directly behind the bolster as well as some finish loss due to sparks from ignition of percussion caps.  For us personally, its nice to find one  that has survived 140+ years with this raw spark-peppered wood from the soldier who carried and used it.  The lockplate works nicely.  The bore is filthy but still has its 3 groove rifling intact and has never been bored out for use as a shotgun.  This is a fantastic Confederate Enfield and one of the best we've ever seen.

Item# 0656




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