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Confederate Kerr Revolver

A nice clean example of a .44 Caliber 5 shot Kerr Revolver made by the London Armoury during the Civil War.  The vast majority of these were imported by the Confederacy...many of which, but not all, are marked by a JS Anchor symbol near the bottom of the wooden grips. This particular gun is in the 3800 serial range but appears to have never been stamped with the JS Anchor symbol.  Still, its right in the correct serial range for so many Confederate Kerrs.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Very good with nice markings and metal that has turned to a mostly smooth patina.  There are strong traces of original blue in protected areas.  Nice wooden grips with sharp checkering.  One of the better Kerr revolvers we've seen lately.

Item# 9155




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