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Star Vest Pocket Derringer

This little Star Vest Pocket Pistol is one of the smallest American pistols we've ever seen.   Although simpler in design, in terms of appearance, it's almost identical to item #0971, our Forehand and Wadsworth Derringer we have posted on the website.   See link:


The Star was manufactured by Iver Johnson from 1870-1890.   While the exact quantity mfd is not known, production is roughly estimated to be a few thousand.   Caliber is .22 rimfire with 2" part round barrel.   Top of breech is clearly stamped "STAR VEST POCKET".   Nickel plated with walnut grips.   Barrel and frame retain 90% original nickel plated while grips retain 50% original varnish.   Two small letter "MH" scratched along the right facet of the breech.   Nice little example of an early Iver Johnson Derringer.

Item# 1182




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